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About Us

Qinghe Guohao Auto parts Co., Ltd. is located in Qinghe County,Hebei Province,an international automotive parts production base.

Guohao is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates the research and development,design,manufacturing,sales,and service of automotive filtration systems.We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for automotive filtration sys-tems.

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    The company is located in Qingxian County, Hebei Province...

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    Passed ISO9001 and TS1694 internal quality management system certification...

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    in the spirit of Create excellence, go international and the quality policy of ...


How often to change the car air filter

How often to change the car air filter

The air filter is recommended to be replaced once a year or 10000-15000 km. The role of air conditioning filter is: 1, to provide fresh air in the car; 2, adsorption of moisture and harmful substances in the air; 3, keep the air clean will not breed bacteria, to ensure safety and health; 4, filter solid impurities in the air.

We have to strictly implement standards for every product
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