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Saudi customer visited our filter factory


On June 6, 2024, Mr.Muhammad Abdullah from Saudi Arabia visited our company's factory.The guest first came to the company headquarters to meet with the senior managements, and then went to the workshops.Guohao filter has three workshops:the air filter workshop, oil filter workshop and the fuel filter.In addition, there are three warehouses and two exhibition halls.

The production workshops of Guohao filter are high standard dust-free workshops, and processes are fully automated. All components are produced by our factory without purchased from other companies.

Mr.Muhammad is very satisfied with the quality of our products and recognizes our company's scale and production standards,he even jokingly told us: why we didn't get to know each other earlier. I think many of the previous visits were a waste of time.

In the near future, the products of Guohao filter will be sold to Saudi Arabia through this gentleman, allowing more customers to know us.

Guohao Filter,focuses on high-quality filters.

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