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How often to change the car air filter


The air filter is recommended to be replaced once a year or 10000-15000 km. The role of air conditioning filter is: 1, to provide fresh air in the car; 2, adsorption of moisture and harmful substances in the air; 3, keep the air clean will not breed bacteria, to ensure safety and health; 4, filter solid impurities in the air.

Replacement method of air filter element:

1, the air filter is installed in the engine compartment, open the air filter shell to see, loosen the buckle on the air filter shell or remove the air filter shell fixing bolt. Open the plastic case and you can see the air filter inside. Remove the air filter cover and remove the air filter element.

How often do car filters change? - Yes

2. Open the box of the filter element and take out the air filter inside. If it is not dirty, you can choose to blow it clean with the air pump.

How often do car filters change? - Yes

3, if it is dirty, you can choose to replace a new air filter, which will be more worrying.

How often do car filters change? - Yes

4. Reinstall and fix the air filter element, and fix the screw of the filter element with a screwdriver to complete the replacement.

How often do car filters change? - Yes

If you need to replace a new air filter element, install the new air filter element into the air filter shell, and then buckle the edge of the clamp.

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